Reworks is passionate about Portland.  We love the scrappy determination and creativity of the myriad entrepreneurs to be found here.  We believe that inspired spaces support inspired individuals and businesses.  Buildings are the backdrop and predominant tactile experience of our daily lives.  We feel it’s important that our built environment serve to enhance our surroundings as well as our connections with each other.

You spend close to a third of your life in your workplace.  We believe it’s significant time well spent, and should be in an environment that is inviting and comfortable; that contributes to your physical, mental and creative well being.  A space you look forward to, that is welcoming for you and your customers and clients.

Since 1998 Reworks has been creating distinctive spaces that are inviting and vibrant in that realm where beauty, practicality and environmental responsibility merge. We build both from scratch as well as creatively upcycling under-utilized buildings, striving to ultimately support and maintain thriving, livable and healthy neighborhoods and communities.

Each project is unique, involving some new twist, new challenge, new question.  It requires us to be nimble and innovative, and it’s a challenge we love.  We routinely reconsider the methods, materials and technologies we employ, endeavoring to come up with ever better ways to create functional and inspiring spaces.

Reworks acts as designer, developer and builder, to ensure that a conceptual vision is maintained throughout all project phases.  This integrated approach streamlines the whole process, saving time and delivering successful projects.

Contact us if you’d like to create with us or occupy a space we’ve created.